Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways (Beach Shed)


Beach Hut (B&W) 2013    Canon EOS 5D Mark II 47mm f14 1/10 ISO 100



Beach Hut (Colour) 2013    Canon EOS 5D Mark II 47mm f13 1/13 ISO 100

A lot of the processes that photographer’s use in the digital darkroom, I try to accomplish through the camera before I download them. These photos are a prime example. I used camera settings to achieve the Black and White photo, whilst most photographers convert during post processing. It’s simply because I’m not at all computer savvy when it comes to the digital darkroom. But because I learned with a film camera that informs my pre-photo technique. In this shot to get better definition of the gravel and the wood and the clouds in the black and white photo I used a high value neutral density filter. Which worked magnificently. But I was curious about how the neutral density filter shows in colour so I took a colour photo as well. As you can see this photo sort of has an almost ‘purple’ tinge to it that brings out the orange in the gravel and net, that would not be found in a shot without the filter. I always think it’s more fun to fiddle with the photo in the field rather than from my computer. What do you think? Let me know by liking, commenting and sharing!

To look at more of my photos from this series and to buy either of these photos, click here.


About drlphotography

Hello my name is Daniel, I have been doing photography since I was 14, with which i started with an old fashioned film SLR. I enjoyed it so much that when I was 16 I saved up and upgraded to a Canon 20D DSLR, which was the camera I used until recently when I upgraded again to a Canon 5D mark II. It has always been my dream to travel around the world taking photographs, and some day I hope to fulfil this dream. However until that moment I continue to practice around my home county of Kent, UK, and whenever I am able to go on holiday I practice enthusiastically. I hope you enjoy my photographs, and that you will find them pleasing enough to possibly hang them in your home. Thank you for your support. Twitter: @danlong250 Photography website: drlphotographyonline.com e-mail address: drlphotography@aol.co.uk
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7 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways (Beach Shed)

  1. noelmorata says:

    looks good both ways, but I like the color so you can see the net and its dyhamic color

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  2. I like them both, Daniel. The color brings out the details more, though.



  3. i*Kan says:

    The colour one is my favourite. I love the pinkish-purple tinge…especially the net on the roof, which kind of gets lost in the B&W one (where the tracks in the foreground draw more attention).


  4. suej says:

    Love this hut! But I wonder where your portrait format shot is….for this challenge?


    • To be honest, I didn’t read through the post completely before posting this, I just read the same photo in two ways, which immediately led me to a B&W and colour contrasting. It wasn’t till after I posted this that I realised I needed a portrait version, which I don’t have 😦 My mistake, but was still a good contrast.


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